• Each Veranda is custom made to fit with your exact requirements.
  • Our Verandas can be made to virtually any size, big or small, to fulfil your vision.
  • This Veranda has a wall fixing on one end and a gable frame on the other.
  • Choose from a variety of extras. This polycarbonate Veranda has a retractable Zip Screen at one end.
  • Our Verandas can be manufactured in any RAL colour, allowing you to create the perfect style, or effortlessly blend in with your property.
  • Our Traditional Verandas can add an attractive yet practical extension to your home.
  • At the press of a button you can enclose your Veranda, either fully or partially using our range of Screens.
  • Enjoy your Veranda all year round, no matter what time of day with our heaters and lighting
  • We can install either glass or polycarbonate for the roof. This Contemporary Veranda has a glass roof.
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Nationwide - The Glass Veranda Specialist

Welcome to our Glass Veranda site.

Here you will find a lot of information along with images relating to all aspects of purchasing and owning a Veranda.

What is a Glass Veranda?

A Glass Veranda is the perfect answer for people who love the idea of living outside more, but don't want to move to another country! Let's face it, the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, that's why the Glass Veranda is the perfect answer.

Nationwide Verandas
Victorian Verandahs

A Veranda can offer a light, bright and sheltered space that can be used all year round for various leisure pursuits including:

  • Outdoor BBQs and fine dining
  • Reading a book in your armchair
  • Enjoying a glass of wine in the fresh air
  • Snoozing in the afternoon sun

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Why Buy a Veranda From Nationwide?

Nationwide has been installing custom made Verandas and installing them across the UK for several years. If you visit our Gallery pages you will see a large selection of just some of the Verandas that we have installed. All images have been taken via our installation teams after we have completed the installation.

As Nationwide have been installing custom made, top quality home improvement products for over 25 years, you can rest assured that you will receive a top class installation with a top class service.

Some of the advantages of choosing Nationwide are:

Nationwide Home Innovations
  • Free Survey and Design
  • Fitted by fully qualified engineers
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Any RAL Colour available
  • Contemporary and Traditional ranges to suit all tastes

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Different Types of Verandas

We have a range of different types of Verandas that can suit every requirement.

Victorian / Traditional Verandas

Traditional Verandas
Victorian Verandas

Our range of Traditional Verandas are extremely popular. Once installed it immediately looks as though it has always been part of your property.

The Traditional design uses the quarter arches on each column that really give it a authentic feel. To transform the Veranda to give a more Victorian look simply add the Victorian lamp post style columns.

As well as looking fantastic on virtually any home, the Traditional Veranda creates a practical shelter to enjoy outdoor living no matter what the weather is doing!

Contemporary Verandas

Contemporary Verandas
Contemporary Verandas

For those looking for a more modern garden shelter, then choose from our range of Contemporary Verandas.

Contemporary Verandas are designed to look modern and stylish and provide a practical area of shelter that can be used all year round

Our Contemporary Verandas can be installed with our complete range of extras such as our Zip Screens and Roof Blinds

Polycarbonate Verandas

Polycarbonate Verandas
Polycarbonate Verandas

In addition to our range of Glass roofs, we also offer the option of a Polycarbonate roof. These stylish, contemporary styled Verandas provide perfect garden shelter with a lower cost than Glass counterpart.

The polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, bronze or opal and these Verandas can also incorporate our range of Screens and Roof Blinds, creating the perfect garden shelter.

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Veranda Accessories

Make the most of your new outdoor living space with our range of optional extras

Heating & Lighting

Veranda Heating

Enjoy your Veranda long into the summer evenings, or even all year round with our range of outdoor heating and lighting.

Our range of heaters are electronically operated, and just a single heater will heat a 4m x 3m area. Unlike traditional gas heaters, our heaters do not heat the air and therefore are not affected by wind. They are extremely economical to run and do a great job of keeping your warm outdoors.

Our lighting can be mounted within the glazing bars of our Contemporary Verandas or can be mounted separately to the wall or to the roof. Our lighting is operated via simple remote control.

Zip Screens

Zip Screens

Our range of Zip Screens can be mounted around the sides of the Veranda and, at the push of a button can enclose part or all of the Veranda, creating a cool and private area for you to enjoy outdoor living.

The retractable Screens use a special type of fabric that allows light to pass through but not the heat. Thanks to the zipping technology, when closed they are sealed to the guide channel. This creates a great wind barrier as well as keeping out any unwanted insects!

It is also possible to use a manual pull screen for shade and privacy is preferred.

Roof Blinds

Roof Blinds

If you are looking to keep cool under your Veranda then we have a range of options. Using the same technology as our Exterior Conservatory Roof Blinds, at the press of a button you can instantly turn your Veranda into a cool retreat on a hot summers day!

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  • Custom Veranda design service
  • Installed by our own Installers
  • Aluminium framework
  • Traditional And Contemporary designs
  • Choice of glass or polycarbonate
  • Wide range of optional extras
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