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If you are looking for an attractive and stylish outdoor extension to your home, made from the highest quality materials, installed by professional teams of installers and backed by an experienced customer service team then you have come to the right place.

Verandas (also commonly spelt as Verandahs) allow you to create an outdoor area that you can enjoy no matter what the weather is doing.

As each of our Verandas are custom made, we can fulfil virtually any requirement.

Our Verandas can be split into three main categories as laid out below.

Traditional Verandas

Our range of Traditional and Victorian style Verandas provide a very attractive and practical extension to your home. We often receive comments that the Veranda looks just like it has always been part of the house.

Traditional Verandas
Victorian Verandahs

The Traditional Verandas generally have a glass roof though we can also use polycarbonate if you wish. Quarter arches are used at the tops of the columns to give it that traditional feel. Take it one step further and use the Victorian style columns that are similar to a Victorian lamppost to create a structure that really looks authentic.

We can manufacture our Traditional Verandas to any width with up to a 4m projection. These structures can be made as freestanding Verandas and can even be made to go around corners. The frame is powder coated to any RAL colour to suit your requirements.

Contemporary Verandas

Our Contemporary Verandas are perfect for those with a more modern home or those wanting a contemporary feel to their outdoor living space. The Contemporary Veranda can accommodate our range of Veranda Screens that can, at the press of a button, enclose part or all of your Veranda. This creates a cool, private, insect free area for you to remain outdoors even longer.

Contemporary Verandas
Contemporary Verandahs

Our range of Contemporary Verandas use mainly a glass roof though polycarbonate can be used if required. We hold a variety of stock colours for the frame though any RAL colour can be achieved.

Any width can be achieved with up to a 4m projection. Larger projections are possible using polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate Verandas

This Veranda is a contemporary design utilising a polycarbonate roof. The Veranda frame comes in several stock colours though any RAL colour can be achieved.

Polycarbonate Verandas
Polycarbonate Verandahs

The Polycarbonate roof provides the perfect garden shelter for you to enjoy outdoor living no matter what the weather is doing! It is fully compatible with our range of Veranda Screens.

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  • Custom Veranda design service
  • Installed by our own Installers
  • Aluminium framework
  • Traditional And Contemporary designs
  • Choice of glass or polycarbonate
  • Wide range of optional extras
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