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Sliding Glass Walls

Our range of Sliding Glass Walls can perfectly compliment your Veranda.

Slide the glass to fully enclose one or all sides of your Veranda creating a garden room, allowing you to block out the wind or rain and use your Veranda virtually any time of year.

Sliding Glass Wall on Veranda

Whenever you decide, you can slide back the glass panels to one side, opening the Veranda back up.

Sliding Glass Wall on Veranda

The tracks are made out of high quality aluminium which ensures excellent durability and minimal maintenence. We use an 8mm toughened glass for the panels. Depending on the size we use either 4 panels or 6 panels in any track.

Sliding Glass Wall on Veranda

Our Sliding Glass Walls are fully compatible with our complete range of Contemporary Verandas and Polycarbonate Verandas.

Sliding Glass Wall on Veranda
  • Creates a garden room
  • Added protection for wind and rain
  • Easily fully enclose or fully open your Veranda
  • 4 and 6 tracks manufactured using aluminium
  • 8mm toughened glass
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  • Custom Veranda design service
  • Installed by our own Installers
  • Aluminium framework
  • Traditional And Contemporary designs
  • Choice of glass or polycarbonate
  • Wide range of optional extras
Glass Verandas