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Veranda Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories that compliment any Veranda.

Heating & Lighting

Veranda Heating
Veranda Heaters

Veranda Heaters

One of the great benefits of owning a Veranda is the ability to remain outdoors even if the weather goes against you. However, there is little that can be deemed as enjoyable about sitting outdoors getting cold on a winters day.

Thanks to our range of very efficient outdoor heaters you can transform your Veranda into an outdoor room that can be used all year round.

The heaters can be operated either from a fixed switch or by remote control and they heat an area of up to 4m x 3m. The heater uses a special technology that does not heat the air which means that it is not affected by wind. As soon as you turn them on, instant heat is felt.

You make think that outdoor heating would be particularly expensive. In fact, you would expect to pay less than 20 pence per hour to run these heaters making then extremely cost efficient.

Veranda Lighting

Create the perfect ambience for sitting outdoors when the sun goes down.

We have a range of options with lighting that includes integrated lights within the glazing bars (Contemporary Verandas and Polycarbonate Verandas only).

Alternatively a light bar can be provided that mounts either to the wall of the underside of the Veranda roof.

The lighting is operated via a remote control for ease and convenience.

Shading & Privacy

Veranda Zip Screens

Veranda Screens
Veranda Zip Screens

The Veranda Screens are the perfect product for those looking to create an outdoor room. The Screen fabric zips to the guide rail as it closes, creating a seal that blocks wind, heat and unwanted insects. In addition maximum privacy is maintained.

A special type of fabric is used that allows light to pass through yet cuts the heat. This creates a cool and shaded retreat.

The Screens are operated via a remote control and can be installed to some or all of the sides of your Veranda.

You can read more about our range of Screens Here - Veranda Screens

Side Screens
Roof Blinds

Manual Side Screens

Manual Side Screens are commonly used as additional sun protection for awnings though they make a perfect addition to any Veranda. Simply pull them out from the wall and hook them onto your Veranda to block the sun and create privacy.

Roof Blinds

In the hot summer sun it is nice to have a cool place to retreat to.

Using our range of fully retractable roof blinds you can cut heat and glare without reducing light creating a cool and sheltered area beneath your Veranda.

If you would like more information on any of our products then get in touch and we can arrange a free brochure or no obligation design consultation

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