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What is a Veranda?

The term Veranda (also commonly spelt Verandah) can be applicable to many types of structures.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the term Veranda is "most frequently an open walled roofed porch that is attached to the exterior of a domestic structure and usually surrounded by a railing"

At Nationwide, we consider the Veranda to be an open walled glass (or polycarbonate) canopy that is generally fixed to a wall of your property and it supported by columns on the front edge.

Contemporary Verandas
Victorian Verandahs

Why choose a Veranda?

Our range of Verandas serve two primary purposes. Firstly they are designed to provide an outdoor shelter, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living even when the weather goes against you.

They are also designed to add a visual enhancement to your property. Our Traditional Veranda range can be designed to look as though it has always been part of your house. Alternatively you can have something that looks stylish and contemporary - ideal for the more modern property.

Verandas are the perfect alternative to a conservatory. Unlike a conservatory, Verandas do not become unbearable in the summer. You can add Screens and Roof Blinds to enclose the side or front to provide shade as and when required.

With the addition of our Veranda lighting and heating options, you can stay outdoors long into the summer evenings, or even all year round!

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  • Custom Veranda design service
  • Installed by our own Installers
  • Aluminium framework
  • Traditional And Contemporary designs
  • Choice of glass or polycarbonate
  • Wide range of optional extras
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